People Doing Steps Exercise ShoesSimple enough: just give shoes a spritz.

But it doesn’t end there.

You’re probably already familiar with Smelly Shoe Spray’s ability to fight tough odors. It pairs the pleasant aroma of peppermint with the odor killing power of colloidal silver, so whether you want to quickly save face in the short term, or fight long-term problems, it can do both!

When should you use Smelly Shoe Spray?

Let’s start at the beginning. Usually, you don’t need to spray new shoes with Smelly Shoe Spray. But you might want to if:

-They’ll be used extensively in a gym (especially high school gyms),

-They’re work boots,

-They’re hiking, ski, or other athletic shoes,

-They’re going to belong to a messy teenage boy, and you’re not sure when they’ll reappear!

A preemptive spray will help keep them fresh from the get go (an ounce of prevention and all that!). It’s a smarter, cheaper alternative to buying high priced shoes with a similar built in coat.

And then…

Don’t be afraid to add another spritz, like if you…

-Worked out really hard,

-Just stepped out of the locker room shower,

-Plan to wear the same pair of shoes two days (or more!) in a row,

-Didn’t wear socks,

-Have/had a foot infection,

-…or if you can just tell they need it.

To help myself remember to use Smelly Shoe Spray I like to keep a bottle in a couple of places:

-My gym bag (or sometimes purse, if I’m going on an adventure),

-By my “shoe spot” near the front door (guests are welcome to use it, too!)

Because Smelly Shoe Spray is safe, it’s also handy for pet beds, cloth car upholstery, wet bags, or as a pillow refresher (especially if you’ve got allergies and are a mucus fountain!).

I’ve come up with a ton of uses for Smelly Shoe Spray, and keep finding more!

How do you use Smelly Shoe Spray?


MesosilverĀ® Colloidal Silver

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