The body is constantly under attack from pathogens—whether it’s the questionably cooked meat from lunch, pollen, that sneeze from your co-worker, or a possible infection from a scratch.

Immune system functions also perform routine maintenance—fixing damaged cells or using inflammation to remove cells, and then controlling that inflammation so it doesn’t do more than it’s supposed to. The immune system also helps to keep our natural bacterial, viral, and fungal colonies in check—making sure that one doesn’t dominate the surface of our skin, and that the GI tract is healthy.

Most people take immune system boosters in the winter when cold and flus start occurring, whether it’s just a little more vitamin c or taking a supplement to help support the immune system, like colloidal silver. But there’s plenty of reasons to take immune system boosters year round.

Summer is peak time for food poisoning, swimmer’s ear, and diseases from bugs and other pests (not to mention the occasional head cold). Sinus infections from allergies, scrapes on bare knees, and pets rolling through feces, bugs, and allergens before coming indoors. All reasons to make sure that you’re prepared for summer fun!

And don’t forget—having a strong (inflammation controlling) immune system leads to a shorter lifespan for sunburns.

What maladies do you find yourself fighting each summer?


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