The WHO has finally made the Ebola outbreak an international emergency. Public health officials have been criticizing the WHOs hesitation for months now. When Ebola was rapidly spreading in a war zone they held back, because it hadn’t actually crossed a border. When it finally did spread to a nearby country—and a major city at that—they held back with hope it would die down. But new cases keep popping up, and now an infected person has hopped on a bus and potentially carried Ebola to a new region.

After knowingly touching Ebola patients this guy got on a bus and lied his way through several checkpoints meant to screen for Ebola. The good news is that everyone he had contact with is being monitored, so it’s unlike the rest of the infected areas where chaos prevents tracking new infections.

The bad news is that money and resources are running out. While the number of cases doesn’t match the last Ebola outbreak, we’re in a much smaller time frame with much more dire circumstances. Health workers in the region are under attack, only the seriousness of Ebola keeps them coming back.

Ebola spreads easily and quickly, although we’ve gotten better at treating it since the last outbreak. Symptoms are basically extreme viral (flu-like) symptoms, with an additional hallmark of bright red eyes.

The rest of the world should watch, support, and be cautious of where they travel. Take care of your own health in the typical ways, and don’t forget immune supporting colloidal silver.


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