With cold and flu season still going on, but the weather warm enough that trees and flowers are blooming early, you might be wondering if you have cold or flu symptoms (or wrong about your assumptions). An allergic reaction, even just a mild one, to allergens blown into the air by spring isn’t uncommon. So here are the difference between colds and allergies, and some ways to cut allergies back.

You’re sneezing, your nose is running, your head hurts, your throat is sore, and your first thought is the cold that’s been going around. But colds will also come with a cough, while seasonal allergies will often come with itchy eyes and more redness. Compared to mild allergies, colds will take more out of you, and last a couple of weeks. Seasonal allergies will last as long as the triggering pollen is in the air.

Minimize allergies by reducing your exposure to allergens like pollen. Start when you come into your home, by removing shoes and an outer layer of clothing. If you haven’t changed your air filters, it’s not too late.

And while you might like to make your bed every morning, delay a little. Airing it out makes it less hospitable to dust mites. Most don’t realize it, but alcohol is also tied to allergies. The more drinks per week, the more likely you’ll experience allergies. It’s also thought that contact lenses can trap allergens in your eyes, making the itching and redness worse. Unfortunately, food can also be a source of allergens (I’m not talking about being allergic to the food itself, but what comes with it). Produce like bananas and melons can cause a cross-reaction with ragweed.

Allergic reactions can really be hard on your immune system, so make sure you have good immune supporting habits and some extra support from colloidal silver.

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