Last year, the flu shot, at best, was 42% effective—and only 34% effective against the dominant strain. And that peak efficacy is for otherwise strong, healthy, young-ish people. This year is expected to be another year of an ineffective flu shot (and that’s on top of what’s already expected to be a severe flu shot). Make sure you’ve got immune support that works for everyone of every age, like colloidal silver, on hand.

While most vaccines work pretty well, the flu shot doesn’t. You need a new one each year tailored to match that season’s flu strains. Even then, the best designed flu shot is maybe somewhere in the 80% range of effectiveness for people with peak health. People who have weakened immune systems, like the elderly, pregnant, or who are already sick (whether it’s chronic, or just slight fever at the time you get the shot) can hope for maybe 60% effectiveness, nevermind what they might hope in a year where the shot isn’t great.

The flu shot is still being recommended as better than nothing, but there’s lots of things you can do to be proactive about the flu.

Start by making frequent hand washing a habit. Clean hands (and not touching your face too often) are the best prevention for catching cold, flu, and Norovirus. You can help reduce airborne transmission by running a humidifier. And of course, staying home when sick helps stop the spread of flu while letting you get well faster.

If you want an extra boost, make sure to keep colloidal silver on hand. Use it as a daily supplement support or when you feel like you need extra support.

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