Couple Sneezing Under UmbrellaAnd many states are experiencing a peak for the season, with high flu activity. So think spring greens mean it’s ok to cut back your immune support!

Experts have been predicting a late flu season peak for this mild year, and it’s been slowly rolling in since the beginning of 2016—to a late, relatively mild peak, now.

While you may be excited by peeking tulip greens and spring decorations, don’t forget to watch out for your health. Crowds will likely be out this weekend between shopping, traveling, and gathering together—it’s time to focus on immune support.

Avoiding flu is the best thing you can do: stay out of crowds, wash your hands frequently, and run a humidifier or tea kettle.

But it’s not always possible or convenient to avoid it. So you need to be the strongest you can: follow all the old standards: eat well, sleep well, and exercise, EVEN IF you get sick. The rule is it’s still ok to keep moving if the illness is all above the neck.

Watch for symptoms of flu, including fatigue, fever, and aches, so you can excuse yourself to go rest, minimizing the spread of flu and speeding up your healing.

Keep the immune support going—and double it if you need to. For an added layer, make sure you’ve got some colloidal silver on hand for daily immune support.

Just as it was slow to peak, flu season will likely be slow to fade away. Flu can last until June some years, and it looks like this is one of them. Things may be comparably mild, but flu symptoms seem like they’ll be looming and lingering for a few more months!

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