Keep Your Pets Safe this Holiday


Make sure your dogs and cats have a good holiday, too! Here are some tips on keeping them safe, and some common holiday dangers to watch out for:

Around the house, the holidays introduce a lot of dangers for pets. For some pets, ornaments and presents can be a temptation with some pets wanting to eat or just plain destroy them. If you have a pet with a destructive streak, choose ornaments that are hard to break or pull apart, and make sure your tree is well secured.

Keep on eye on sweets lying around. Chocolate is the big one to watch out for, and is responsible for an increase in vet visits during the holiday season. If you have a sneaky food stealer, then watch how much food you leave out since too much can cause digestive trouble. And for the people food you do feed them, don’t forget to watch out for small poultry bones and other hazards.

If you’re traveling with your pets, make sure they’re well secured. In the car, pets can be in a tied-down kennel or fastened with a seat belt modifier. This keeps them a little safer in the event of an accident, but mostly it helps to prevent accidents by keeping them from jumping in the front seat or being a distraction. Sometimes it helps pets who get car sick (a kennel at least contains it!).

By air, do lots of research before checking pets. Some airlines are more pet friendly and offer options to bring them into the cabin.

If you’re leaving your furbaby at a doggy daycare, make sure they’re getting a little immune support too with a drop or two of colloidal silver in their water bowl. Just like people, there are lots of diseases that can make both dogs and cats sick.

Share your pet plans for the holidays with us in the comments:


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