Jumping into a lakeWhen the first case of brain-eating-amoebas hit, scientists rushed to dismiss it as a once in a century fluke. A few years on, there are at least a couple of cases every summer, all over the country. This isn’t just one lake that stumbled upon the perfect conditions one year, this is an all-over problem that’s become both on-going and increasingly frequent. Brain eating amoebas, or N. fowleri, are hard to treat. If you like spending time in natural water sources, you should be aware of the following symptoms for at least two weeks after each outing, then seek immediate treatment:
-Severe Headaches -Muscle Stiffness (especially in the neck) -A change in smell/taste -Fever -Confusion -Problems balancing/walking/standing But better yet, avoid getting them. Unfortunately, that means calming down on water sports (most cases are associated with a sudden burst of water into the sinuses from jumping or falling in) or keeping your head above water at all times (and no splashing). If that seems to strict, find out about local cases to where you’re heading out, and make an informed decision from there. In addition to N. fowleri, water can pose other health threats. Make sure to dry your ears out after a swim (even in a chlorinated pool, this summer started out with a study showing the vast majority of pools are far dirtier than they should be!). You can tug your earlobe down and shake to get water out, or put some olive oil in (bonus if it’s infused with garlic, which has antimicrobial qualities) before you swim to keep water out. If you suspect an ear infection, you can get right on it by supporting yourself with colloidal silver. Signs of an ear infection include redness, swelling, and pain (especially if you tug your earlobe, which moves the ear canal. If it’s swollen/stiff with infection, you’ll feel it so tug gently). If you know anyone who’s had chronic ear infections, you know that it can lead to antibiotic resistance and a need for stronger and stronger antibiotics. Always follow doctor instructions 100% when taking antibiotics, and give yourself extra support with colloidal silver. If you’re keeping sinuses clear this summer with sinus rinses, remember to never use tap water because of N. fowleri and other parasites. Purified water is a safe alternative, as is colloidal silver. Share your summer water tips in the comments:

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