We live in a generally safer time, with more resources available for less money, constant breakthroughs in science, medicine, and technology, and social standards that are getting higher every day. But you still can’t trust everybody. One of the scarier random events that can happen is when a healthcare professional decides to save a buck and reuse equipment that’s meant to be one use.

There are plenty of stories of needle reuse by addicts stealing painkillers from patients, but a frugal-type can be just as bad. Reusing a syringe or a multi-use jar between patients can also transfer bloodborne diseases (or MRSA or other superbugs). And a doctor in New Jersey got caught using only 5 one-use catheters over 80-some patients recently! While he attempted to clean the catheter between patients, not all catheters are capable of being properly cleaned, and some will even break down because of it… which is one of the things that was happening during his surgeries.

While the odds that it will happen to any given person are low, you never know what routine procedure is being performed by someone dishonest (and if you need a team of people, the odds do go up a little). A little preparation can help you to feel better about going to see a doctor.

First, be choosy. The reception staff, nurses, and assistants should factor into your choice of doctor as much as the doctor’s demeanor and skill.

Then, be prepared. A big factor on infection (should you come into contact with a pathogen, which can happen in healthcare settings even without negligence) is the strength of the immune system. Keep up good habits like getting enough sleep, eating right, exercising, and taking a minute to de-stress before going into the doctor.

You can add an extra layer of defense by using colloidal silver as daily immune support, too. Colloidal silver has a long history of use as immune support, use as skin healing, and has continued modern uses… even in the hospital setting!

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