Every year, Lyme Disease spreads a little further. Some projections say Lyme Disease (and the ticks that carry it) will have explosive growth over the next few years. One interesting harbinger may be horses; with lots of exposure to tall grass/nature and the small mammals that carry ticks, horses may be more prone to Lyme Disease (if harder to diagnose).

You may already know how hard getting a Lyme Disease diagnosis is if your human. Not everyone realizes they were bit by a tick, and even most of those who do and get Lyme Disease won’t get a bullseye rash. If you’re in an area new to Lyme Disease, doctors may not be ready to make a diagnosis without a lot of self advocacy. And then there’s the follow-up. If you aren’t reinfected (which is surprisingly common) you may have developed chronic Lyme Disease, or post-treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome. Whether it’s the original infection cropping up or lingering damage from the inflammation in joints and organs from Lyme Disease, getting proper attention for it is a battle.

With horses, it’s all even harder. Symptoms are hard to diagnose (and often are caught late), they resemble other diseases, and it might be that horses are the first to pick up Lyme Disease when it spreads to new areas, based on a small amount of research looking for antibodies as a clue. As Lyme Disease spreads, looking to horses might be one way for communities to be proactive about watching for the disease.

It’s also a reminder to prepare your yard for Lyme Disease. In short, make it inhospitable to tall/wild grass and small mammals (or even deer, cute as they are). Many people don’t realize that ticks aren’t a hiking problem, they can come from your own yard, or your pets after a quick romp outside (by the way, you can vaccinate dogs against Lyme Disease).

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