Man With DeerA national survey has shown that more counties than ever have Lyme Disease. It’s probably a combination of reforestation, there being more deer more spread out, and other environmental factors.

If you’re not already supporting your immune system with colloidal silver daily, it’s a good time to start.

While Lyme Disease is usually easy to treat when caught early, the spread means more people need to be aware of it and what to look out for.

If you spend time outdoors—even just your own yard, beware wildlife, and the ticks they bring with them. Lyme Disease is spread by tick bites, and often presents with a telltale bullseye rash. But not always, and other times, you might not notice (bites on the back of your leg, etc.).

To avoid tick bites, cut back tall grass in your yard, and discourage wildlife from hanging out there. Consider wearing long pants and shirts to keep ticks off skin. Again, because the earlier you catch Lyme Disease the less damage it does, do the extra work of checking for ticks after spending time outside—and not just on you, on pets, too! Dogs can carry ticks into the house, and they can get Lyme Disease.

If you find a tick, bring it to your doctor for testing. That would be the fastest way to diagnose Lyme Disease.

If you do show up later with Lyme Disease because of symptoms like fatigue, fever, etc., it can usually be treated with antibiotics—but the longer the disease goes before treatment, the more likely there will be lingering effects like joint pain or even organ damage (Lyme Disease causes inflammation, and it goes from there).

If you have a weakened immune system (age, pregnancy, other chronic illness) and/or are showing severe symptoms, sometimes you’ll get tested with a spinal tap to see if it’s spread to your brain. Here’s a tip to save you some grief: if the test comes out clean but you’re having symptoms from the spinal tap afterward (like dizziness when standing but not when you lay down) go back and ask about a blood patch to heal the hole/leak. You have to get needled again, but it could save you some healing time.

And remember, be prepared for Lyme Disease and everything else nature throws at you. Support your immune system with colloidal silver!

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