Is Making Colloidal Silver At Home Safe?


True colloidal silver is made of non-ionized particles, so really you can’t make colloidal silver at home. You could make ionized silver solution, but even then there are several risks and mistakes that could put your health at risk.

What makes true colloidal silver (like MesoSilver) different from home brewed “colloidal silver”? Besides being ionic, home colloidal silver generators are actually a simplification of the process that:

  1. creates silver particles with no charge
  2. reduces the amount of ionic silver particles (it’s impossible to go below ~10% ionic content, which is what MesoSilver has. Other brands have only ~50% colloidal silver content vs. ionic)
  3. creates the smallest particle size possible
  4. create a pure colloidal silver product.

The process of making a true colloidal silver, like MesoSilver, is more complex than what can be done at home, and certainly more so than the do-it-yourself generator route. Also note: people who have suffered argyria, the blue-skin effect, were using home generators.

Purity is VERY important when judging colloidal silver. Some brands sell alternative silver solutions, or “colloidal silver” that has contaminants-anyone who is sick, or on medication, or who may have allergies won’t know how these other compounds could affect them! And with a silver at home generator, the risk of contamination is even greater. Some websites (though well-meaning) give out awful advice about using silver-coated objects, which aren’t made of 99.99% pure silver, and will thus contaminate the product.

Supplement manufacturers have to meet certain standards, which include checking that the final product is the right thing. It would be very expensive for an at home, small batch brewer to check ionic content, particle size, and purity for each batch to ensure their safety.

Finally, please be safe! Some forums recommend methods that could be dangerous to you or your family, never mind the final product! Using electricity, and especially running a current through water, is dangerous!

What do you think? Weigh in with a comment below!


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