Mange Infested Dog Treated With Colloidal Silver, Doing Well


Benny, a dog, was found on New Year’s in California with a severe case of mange, but with kind rescue workers and regular colloidal silver he is now doing much better.

Mange is a skin infection caused by mites, it is known to effect both pets and livestock. When the pet has a weakened immune system, he is more prone to having mites get out of control and into his skin or hair follicles. Keeping the immune system strong with proper nutrition and supplementation is the best way to treat and prevent mange.

Benny was treated by caregivers with colloidal silver, both sprayed onto his infected skin and in his water bowl. Sulphur was also used, and Benny was given natural meals that catered to his nutritional needs.

Benny’s story and the kindness of his rescuers has been followed across the country as an inspiration during the New Year. If you want to follow Benny’s continued journey, you can read Benny’s Path, a blog by his new owner. Benny is now a healthy dog, mange free and without the swelling and other ailments that plagued him when he was found.

Do you have any stories of rescued animals? Share in the comments!


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