Who needs to worry about Lyme Disease? Anyone spending time outside in the Midwest and East, especially in untamed nature, which could be just beyond our backyard. Lyme Disease is one of the things where symptoms can swing wildly depending on your health. For extra support, make sure you’re getting a daily immune system boost from colloidal silver and other healthy habits.

Tick on ManWhether it’s a new infection or a failure of antibiotics, many people experience ongoing symptoms after a Lyme Disease infection, and struggle (sometimes for years) to resolve them.

Lyme Disease isn’t taken as seriously as it should be, and the biggest offenders are doctors, no less!

What do I mean? There are a steady stream of stories every year cataloging the difficulty of getting diagnosed and treated, and that’s just for the first round. People who go on to experience chronic Lyme Disease symptoms have an even bigger battle ahead of them. (Although we should give a quick hoorah to the doctors who are working hard at spreading info on Lyme Disease, advocating treatment, and spotting signs of recurrent/ongoing Lyme Disease. When in doubt, find a specialist!)

Now there’s a new name for chronic Lyme Disease: Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome, or PTLDS, and also sometimes being called Persistent Lyme Disease.

Why are there so many hurdles?

There is still a need for continued outreach to both doctors and patients about Lyme Disease.

First, people need to know about preventing Lyme Disease. Basically, avoid tall grass when possible, and when not possible, wear long, tucked pants, and bug spray. That’s pretty common info that’s been around for a while, but there are two increasingly important pieces of information that need to spread:

The bull’s-eye rash that everyone is familiar with only represents a small number of Lyme Disease cases, and there’s a newly discovered Lyme Disease strain that never causes a bull’s eye rash, making that percentage even smaller.

And the range of Lyme Disease is growing. Doctors in particular need to realize they might now be in a county with Lyme Disease and be more ready and willing to test for it.

The best thing to do is check for tick bites after time outside. Ticks can be small, and might bite in an in-opportune place, so be thorough.

Realize that outdoor pets need some care, too. Not only can they get Lyme Disease, they can bring ticks into your home.

Immune system strength is a big factor, too. Not only does a weakened immune system give secondary infections a better chance, it may make getting a diagnosis harder: doctors may be more quick to blame the primary condition.

You can always support your immune system with colloidal silver in addition to a healthy lifestyle of adequate sleep, exercise, and nutrition.

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