You don’t have to have a cold to experience congestion. During this time of year, the cold dry weather can easily trigger all kinds of mucus, whether it’s hard and blocked, runny, or somewhere in between. You might spend all day battling it, only to continue into the night, fighting to breathe, and to sleep.

There are several ways to fight mucus for a better night’s rest, but one of the easiest and gentlest is to spend some time on a nebulizer. A nebulizer helps soothe the entire respiratory tract, loosening mucus and, if you use colloidal silver, offering direct immune support.

When you don’t have a cold, you might go to bed with clear sinuses, only to wake up choking (or woken by your partner for snoring). A nebulizer is a gentle solution for a more mild mucus problem like this (for think congestion, try a sinus flood instead).

During the winter, it’s helpful to run a humidifier (or closely monitored tea kettle). Humidity helps to prevent flu transmission, and it keeps sinuses comfortable, making it easier to remove mucus. A nebulizer delivers thick humidity to your lungs and sinus cavities, and if you’re using immune supporting colloidal silver, direct immune support to your eyes (overflowing congestion can cause pink eye), your sinuses, and your lungs—reaching your entire respiratory tract.

Mucus can spread germs. Whether the dark, warm congestion breeds bacteria or a viral illness in the sinuses is dripped into the throat and lungs, it’s good to prevent the risk by keeping mucus clear. And by moistening your sinuses with a nebulizer before bed, you’re reducing the mucus that forms, and helping to make it softer and easier to remove if it does, in addition to helping your body fight off infection.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—sleep and comfort are important even when you aren’t sick. Take care of your health with the support of a nebulizer today.

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