You might be doing a great job keeping allergy-caused mucus from piling up with regular sinus floods. But if you’re drawn outside by the sunshine long enough to get some good stuffy eyes, runny nose, and sneezes going, you might need some extra immune support for your respiratory system!

Allergies cause mucus because it’s an overzealous response to what’s in the air—pollen, grass, mold, and more—and mucus is a natural immune response. Besides being uncomfortable, mucus can spread and trap germs, creating a secondary illness to the allergies!

Mucus can spread any germs it comes in contact with to your eyes, throat, and lungs. The build up creates a moist, dark, trap, that can encourage germs to proliferate—especially in your lungs where tiny passageways are easily plugged up!

Removing mucus is a great first step. Our sinus flooding kit can help you with the thick build-ups.

But immune support is important too, especially if you have a doubly weakened immune system (allergies count once, then things like age, stress, poor diet/exercise/sleep, etc. count again!). Especially for the elderly, a (relatively) simple infection like a sinus infection can really increase an already high risk for pneumonia.

Try targeted immune support with a nebulizer. Today’s nebulizers are quiet and sleek, making them an easy, alternate way to take colloidal silver. Whether you take colloidal silver for daily support or as needed, consider adding a nebulizer to your arsenal. Summer has fewer diseases than winter, but it’s not all good health and cheer.

Walking pneumonia (so named because you can walk around/continue going to work with it!), head colds, sinus infections, and more are all things to watch out for and avoid. And there are lots of summertime things to depress your immune system—less sleep because you’re awake when the sun is up, sunburn, allergies, etc., plus exposure to germs from pools, lakes, increased travel, barbecues (meat handling), and produce (Listeria season).

Make sure you’re ready, so you can maximize your summer fun after this long winter! Pick up a nebulizer and some extra bottles of colloidal silver today!

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MesosilverĀ® Colloidal Silver

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