Never Have A Tooth Drilled Again


Man Brushing TeethScience is starting to get really cool. We already have 3D printed organs in the pipeline, but a new technology may allow your body to rebuild itself—low frequency lasers.

The journal Science Translational Medicine has published a study where scientists successfully triggered the growth of dentin in rodents. Dentin is the substance inside teeth.

Lasers are already in use, so the idea is really an adaptation of one that’s already out there: if lasers can be used to stimulate hair growth, why not other processes? Very low frequency light does nothing, very high frequency can cauterize and cut—but in between? You stimulate the immune system.

Specifically, the laser causes the cells to release reactive oxygen, which the body then responds to by releasing Transforming Growth Factor-Beta, which can help with bone growth and wound healing. EGF -beta plays a role in the immune system, embryonic development, and is naturally present in many parts of the body.

It may not take long for this new laser treatment to be available in your local dentists office, but it may have even further uses down the line: regrowing a tooth entirely (not just patching holes), as well as regrowing other organs.

While the creators dream of eliminating the need for organ transplants, I imagine that people who are most in need of them, and already have a very weakened immune system, may not be able to respond or may be at risk for more severe side-effects.

In the meantime, fight cavities naturally!

-Drink lots of water. This both washes your mouth out, and encourages saliva production. Saliva will naturally help your teeth.

-If you’re especially prone to cavities, maybe switch your probiotic source to a supplement rather than eating yogurt or other fermented foods. While probiotics are GREAT for your digestive system, some of them are the bacteria that can also cause cavities. So just bypass your mouth and use a supplement!

-Of course, brush and floss regularly. And here’s a pro-tip: make your flossing time before bed. This will give you the longest stretch of having a clean mouth. Swallowed plague from your mouth can even affect your arteries, so you’re getting two birds with one stone!

-Already supplementing your immune system with MesoSilver? Give your mouth a swish before you swallow so it, too, can benefit.

Would you try laser treatment in lieu of getting drilled and filled?


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