Hospital DummyThe new Corona family virus that causes SARS like symptoms has been spreading from the middle east (where it originated), and is now spreading in new countries.

It takes close contact for the new SARS like virus to spread, making airplane cabins, homes, and shared hospital rooms the perfect incubators for the infection to spread. A shared hospital room was the source of the second known infection in France.

WHO is trying to get the word out to travellers about symptoms of the disease, and advising hospitals around the globe to watch for symptoms (flu like symptoms that get rapidly worse and include kidney failure). Beyond that, efforts to research the disease (how might it have evolved? Does it come from bats, as theorized?) are slow going because there’s poor coordination between research centers.

If you’re travelling, make sure to stow a bottle of colloidal silver in your bag to boost your immune system on the go. Wash hands often, and avoid people who seem sick. Besides this new SARS like virus, there’s avian flu coming out of China (and possibly Taiwan).

How do you stay healthy while travelling?


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