With two Utah schools experiencing Norovirus outbreaks in addition to a number of other outbreaks across the country, Norovirus season has begun.

It doesn’t get the same headlines as cold and flu season, but it works the same way. Cold, dry weather sets in and Norovirus starts to spread (cold, dry weather helps spread a number of viruses). And while it’s sort of like food poisoning, like influenza, Norovirus “knocks you out” a whole lot more. It’s much more intense than regular food poisoning, and much more easily spread!

Norovirus symptoms include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, as well as malaise, muscle cramps, and sometimes a low fever. Many people distinguish Norovirus from other stomach flus because of how bad they feel—weak, sick, and unable to do much.

Preventing Norovirus symptoms is similar to preventing the flu—you need to wash your hands, a lot. If someone has stomach flu, clean a wide area around anywhere they were sick—much further than you think was touched by it. One of the things that makes Norovirus so virulent is how far it spreads unseen.

You can also help prevent Norovirus by keeping yourself strong and healthy. Support your gastrointestinal system with healthy foods and probiotics. And support your overall immune system with colloidal silver. Supporting your immune system covers a lot of bases—it helps your body when faced with any pathogen, including Norovirus and influenza.

Even with preparation, beware that crowded places spread these diseases this time of year. Stay home if you’re sick, and leave if someone else is (including if you walk into a restaurant and see employees who dragged themselves to work—Norovirus outbreaks often start in restaurants!).

With a little immune support from colloidal silver, you can be ready for this cold, flu, and Norovirus season.

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