Now’s The Time For Immune System Support


Rain Storm ProtectionsWhether you’ve got spring showers, late bouts of snow, or growing warmth, now’s the time for increased immune support. Cold and flu season is still lingering, and spring allergies can cause sinus infections, head colds, and more… so it’s twice as bad right now.

Daily immune support is a great way to be prepared… for a sudden cold snap, post-rain bloom, or just unexpected exposure to a sneezy kid from daycare or a coughing co-worker.

Here are some other great immune support tips:

-Maintain good sleep hygiene. Warm summer evenings can get late, but a consistent sleep schedule (in addition to adequate quantity) is important, too. Don’t let your rhythm get knocked off schedule by a shift in sleep cycles.

-Spring is for layers. Even if you live somewhere that’s got nice, sunny weather, layered clothing can help combat allergies by letting you strip off the pollen covered layer when you go inside.

-Take immune support to the next level. If you don’t already have a nebulizer, it’s essential for targeted respiratory immune support. Allergies, colds, flu or just a throat tickle that you suspect is the beginning of something are all reasons to break out your nebulizer.

-Make sure you have everything on hand for a sinus rinse or flood. Clear out allergens before bed so you can sleep better, clear out mucus before it grows an infection, or just clear everything out before a big meeting, interview, or performance.

-And of course, stay on top of getting some movement and good nutrition. Both are the foundations of a strong immune system.

Stay prepared by ordering some colloidal silver and get daily immune support going today!

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