Runny nose, congestion, sore throat, a shiny red nose, no sense of taste, or smell… many symptoms which can often all originate with that runny nose.

As you sniffle back that mucus (because you’ve already tried blowing it a dozen times) it irritates your throat. Its mere presence stops your from enjoying meals as you can’t taste or smell anything.

Whether it’s allergies or a virus causing your sudden increase in mucus, you can address the symptom until your immune system gets it together.

Just do a sinus rinse. Or two, if you’re really congested. It will clear out your whole sinus cavity, so you can get something done without a sniffly runny nose, enjoy your meal, or stop your throat from getting even more irritated. Just make sure to never use tap water for a sinus rinse (unless you boil it and let it cool first).

We have a sinus flooding kit to get you started: it has a nose bulb (for getting liquid in, not sucking it out), colloidal silver, and Xylitol to create a comfortable pH for yor nose. Just add a bed or couch to hang your head off of, and a towel to catch any mess you make.

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