This flu season is pretty bad; the flu shot had a misstep, and a particularly virulent strain of flu (H3N2) is circulating. We had some warning since our flu season follows Australia’s, but there have still been a lot of younger, healthier people getting caught by flu.

And yet, people who were born before 1968 are more at risk for flu this year. The reason is that the first flu strains we encounter during childhood heavily influence our future immunological response/preparedness; people born before 1968 were most likely to have been first exposed to either H1N1 or H2N2. They would have most benefited from a functioning vaccine this year to help their immune systems to prepare for exposure to a new strain of flu.

It gets worse. Besides not having immune system memory for this year’s flu strain, people born before 1968 are 50+ years old… meaning they are starting to have naturally weakened immune systems just from aging.

Everyone is different, though. The person who eats well, sleeps enough, and combats stress will do better than people with other factors for a weakened immune system like chronic illness, sleep deprivation, poor diet, and stress.

You can help strengthen your immune system by following the basic tenets of good health and getting enough sleep, good nutrition, and exercise. You can also support your immune system with extra support from colloidal silver.
And don’t forget to follow flu prevention by frequently washing your hands, running a humidifier, and avoiding the crowds.

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