Friends on a picnicThis year could be the best summer yet, but to get there, it’s important to take care of ourselves, including having some immune support on hand!

If you’re enjoying warm weather, or just looking forward to it, you’re probably thinking about adventures in the great outdoors. Gatherings in the park, a hike along your favorite trail, a blanket spread somewhere scenic.

But it’s important to remember food safety. Summer means that some common pathogens—Listeria, Salmonella, E. Coli—will pop up more than you’d think, and the risk of unsafe food practices is even greater (when you leave food on the counter, the risk isn’t germs that cook away, it’s the waste they leave behind. And it’s a high-risk game, it’s unlikely you’ll get sick, but highly likely to be deadly serious if you do).

How do you avoid getting sick?

Follow the food safety you probably learned in school at some point, or from the package of your food: rinse before eating (and clean the sink and surrounding area if you wash your meat), keep chilled or cook to food safe temps (160F to 180F depending on the meat).

If you’re taking it with you, try and time everything so it goes right from food safe temperatures to transport, then gets eaten right away. It’s not recommended that you save picnic food, whether chilled or hot.

Here’s another trick you can steal: before the EPA got into it, manufacturers were beginning to add a touch of nano silver to products, including food storage containers (really plastic ones, which people save long past the recommended use). The idea was to prevent germ-related spoilage and help food last a little longer.

Then, of course, protect yourself before you go out! Food-borne illness is more serious when someone has a weakened immune system (that’s why warnings will specifically mention pregnant women, seniors, and kids—but there are others with weakened immune systems, too: people with chronic conditions from allergies to diabetes, or certain genetic markers, or who are just having an off day from too little sleep, or too much stress!).

Colloidal silver is a great daily supplement to help support your immune system, whether you’re worried about the salad being out a little too long, or the tall grass you’re sitting in (perfect for ticks and even mosquitoes), make sure you’re doing everything you can to support yourself.

Even if you like to stay inside, it’s the season of recalls, where ready made food suffer all the same problems!

If you’re traveling, pack a bottle or two of colloidal silver to help keep your body ready against the stresses of travel, different food, and potentially a higher risk of stomach flu!

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