Be proactive, not reactive as we head into fall next month. In other words, don’t wait until you get sick, take steps now to manage and protect your health!

One great tool to take advantage of is a nebulizer. You don’t need a prescription or drugs to use one, you can use a natural supplement like colloidal silver (a higher degree of sterility is required when using a nebulizer, never use tap water or even boiled/cooled tap water! Colloidal silver is a ready to go, safer choice than salt water).

A nebulizer helps by supporting your entire respiratory tract, and even your eyes (eyes can be a source of infection or just an outlet for it when the mucus overflows). The humidity softens mucus, while colloidal silver delivers immune support directly where you need it most.

When you have your own nebulizer, you can be proactive about your health. It’s not just cold and flu that impacts your respiratory tract, but congestion, or even toxins (like right now, wildfires are increasing the amount of pollution in many cities).

And as fall rolls in, so do allergies from decomposing leaves and other environmental changes. Congestion from allergies can lead to respiratory infection in addition to just daily discomfort. Make sure you stay on top of managing even mild allergy symptoms.

Stay ahead of it. Whether you want to give yourself support as soon as you’re exposed to someone who’s sick, or if you want to try and stop congestion from breeding bacteria, or if you want to support your lungs when they’re breathing in all kinds of toxins, you can pull out your nebulizer and spend 15 minutes giving yourself direct immune support.

As fall (and colder weather) approaches, be ready to go with a solution for support—before you really need it. Take advantage of having your own nebulizer, and make sure you have a safe way to use it (like with colloidal silver).

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