Over the course of the next month the kids and teenagers will be heading back to school. Soon after, the weather will cool down. Even if no one in your home is going to school, you probably know people who are. Now’s the time when germs and communicable illnesses blossom, from the common cold shared by sniffles, to MRSA spread in gym class and extracurriculars. Watch for early signs of illness and stay on top of whatever is spreading in your community by making sure you’re already supporting your immune system with colloidal silver.

Here’s what starts spreading in the fall:

Skin diseases: MRSA can spread among all ages. It often presents as a small red wound that doesn’t heal, it can look like acne. MRSA and even regular staph infections are easier to treat when caught early. Prevent MRSA with thorough cleaning, and don’t reuse washcloths, gym clothes, or towels once they’re dirty. Other skin diseases include rashes like Athlete’s Foot and scabies. Stay on top of new skin symptoms, and see a doctor if they don’t go away.

Respiratory illness: sinus infections, colds, flu, and other viruses are about to start spreading. While cold and flu season usually gets an official start sometime around November, there’s a slow trickly leading up to it. Some cities may start seeing flu like symptoms in September and October.

Get ready now with lots of immune supporting colloidal silver, soup and other comfort items tucked away, and extra tissues.

Fall and winter are the seasons of communicable illness, and Back to School is the herald. Make sure to stock up and prepare today.


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