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Various states are putting out warning about large outbreaks of Hepatitis A, but in today’s world shrunken by travel, it’s something we should all be on the lookout for! Hepatitis A, like B and C, is a liver disease, but with Hepatitis A, the symptoms at least pass. For additional support against Hep A, make sure you’re taking care of yourself, including supporting your immune system with colloidal silver.

Who has Hepatitis A? The most affected populations are the most vulnerable—shared needle users, the homeless, etc… but it doesn’t leave the rest of us immune. Most other cases of Hep A are hygiene related, meaning they’re spread via the fecal oral route. Handwashing and surface cleaning are good prevention, but if you eat out, or eat pre-packaged foods, you’re still at risk.

Not everyone gets symptoms, but those that do experience Hepatitis A symptoms may thing they have food poisoning with nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite and stomach pain… except symptoms can take a few months to resolve. More severe symptoms can include jaundice.

While Philadelphia and South Carolina are warning residents, Hepatitis A can and has popped up in other states over the past year, and could pop up anywhere, anytime.You can follow news about outbreaks to find out after the fact, but it’s a good idea to stay prepared and keep your immune system strong to minimize risk/symptoms.

Immune system support is just following good health basics, like eating well, sleeping, exercising, etc. You can give your immune system additional support with colloidal silver.


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