Prevent Summer Injuries


Professional Lawn MaintenanceThink summer problems are all sunburn, dehydration, and picnics gone wrong? Don’t get hurt by these surprisingly common summer injuries:

-Lawn injuries. Mowing, trimming, and even just going barefoot can lead to an ER visit. So much so, that it’s recommended you skip the DIY route and hire professionals. Why?

Common injuries from mowing the lawn include rocks getting kicked up, toes getting mowed over, and attempts to solve (even simple problems) gone wrong (If you do anything to fix your lawn mower, beware manually spinning the blades can cause push mowers to start up).

At a minimum, wear closed-toed shoes and clear the lawn of obstructions like rocks. Even better if you wear goggles.

While major injuries require a trip to the ER, help support minor injuries healing with colloidal silver. Spritz it on scratches or apply it to bandages to help keep wounds moist and clean.

-Don’t combine drinking with sports.

ER doctors say that one of the most common things they see in summertime are injuries fueled by the poor-decision making and impaired coordination of alcohol. Even more so when fast moving vehicles are involved, as in water sports or off-roading. Stay sedentary when you’re drinking, and play safe with helmets and other gear when you aren’t!

-Finally, fireworks. The fourth may have passed, but fireworks tend to boom in neighborhoods after dark for a week or more after the holiday.

Avoid some of the mistakes people make by: keeping a safe distance (including using a long lighter, since unreliable fuses happen), never assume something is a dud, and make sure you have a wide, clear space free of flammable materials to light them in.

And as above, alcohol is often involved with accidents, so keep a sober, rational mind.

If you do end up in the ER, make sure to keep supporting your immune system against hospital superbugs.

Stay safe and avoid ER visits this summer!


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