There are many strains of flu circulating, but not all of them are circulating in humans. Animals, specifically birds and mammals, are a reservoir of flu, too, and when those strains pass to humans they’re quite virulent! Watching these strains for signs of evolution or cross-breeding (like pairing a strain with qualities that make it spread easily with a strain that’s deadly) is important, ongoing research, especially in areas where the two strains can co=mingle (like areas where bird flu infected seagulls hang with seal flu (same as pig flu) infected mammals.

Prevention starts with hygiene. Handwashing helps prevent flu better than anything, but hygiene also means staying home when you’re sick, or keeping a sick animal home (whether it’s the family dog or livestock from a hobby farm).

Swine flu, one of the more infamous animal strains, could just as aptly be named mammal flu. It’s known to infect pigs, seals, and even dogs (although more usually close-quarter dogs like racing dogs). Bird flu spreads through the US seasonally as wild birds fly south. Signs of infected birds include separating from the flock and acting odd; any suspicious behavior should be reported to your local animal agency.

Because life can be unpredictable, don’t forget to take daily immune support with colloidal silver. Taking care of yourself can help your body be ready when it comes into contact with germs like flu People with weaker immune systems are more at risk for serious side-effects, so basic self care like good food and sleep are critical.

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