Women with Shoes in ClosetIf you haven’t yet, that moment is coming. Whether it’s cold weather, rain and wetness, or dusty or moldy leaves, open-toed shoes aren’t going to be a good idea much longer.

While it’s normal to just throw them in the back of the closet until next year, it’s not ideal. A little care will help keep your favorite summer shoes looking good for more summers (and, actually, help keep odor, dirt, and germs out of your closet!).

Where to start? Give the bottoms of your shoes a quick wipe with a wet rag and knock off as much dirt and debris as you can. Even if they look clean, they may have picked up pesticides, allergens, or other particles that can spread to the confined air in your closet.

Make sure you get the insides, too! Bare feet leave behind germs (there’s a natural bacterial colony on your skin, even if you have good hygiene), sweat, and dead skin cells (which fungi love!). A quick wipe, and a protective spray of Smelly Shoe Spray will help counter odor, germs, and more!

If you have leather shoes, the end of the season is a good time to specially clean or condition your shoes (or to have it done for a few bucks).

And of course, the best offense is a good defense. Keep all those shoe cleaning supplies handy (especially Smelly Shoe Spray) for the mud and winter months, so that you’re not tracking things into your home, keeping your shoes nice longer, and not surprised by embarrassing odors after a fun outing! Having a second bottle in your purse or car can also help in a pinch, or so you have it with you when you travel (because doesn’t traveling almost always involve a lot of walking?!).

And of course, keeping your shoes cleaner will have the benefit of keeping your feet cleaner. Every little bit helps if you’ve ever fought a chronic foot problem like warts, Athlete’s foot, or just an infection/cut that struggles to heal smothered in your shoes.

What time of year do you switch to warmer clothes and shoes? Here in Denver it’s a slow trickle as winter rolls in!


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