Outbreaks happen. From the flu spreading locally, to a food recall, to a sick food service employee (who could have a cold, Norovirus, or Hepatitis A), to hospital outbreaks like MRSA, Hepatitis C, HIV, etc…. outbreaks are routine, yet unpredictable. Make sure you’re prepared with immune supporting colloidal silver!

You can help prevent outbreaks. While there’s a lot you can’t control, there are little things you can… and that make you more safe.


-Regularly clean things that come into contact with your skin, including things you may not think about as washable, like loofahs. Always wash your feet after hitting the gym or pool.

-Avoid taking unnecessary antioxidants, which turn you into a petri dish of superbugs.

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs)

-Make an action plan before there’s an emergency, and choose the local hospitals with the lowest publushed infection rates, quickest ER times, etc.

-Look for providers who will be honest about the risks, and who are proactive about preventing them (teaching patients to watch and clean their own wound/bandages etc.,  instead of pre-emptively prescribing antibiotics, for example). Ask for single use vials when getting injections, and watch/ask for for the seal to be broken in front of you.

Local Infections

-When choosing where to eat, stay away if employees are coughing, sniffling, pale, and lethargic.

-Watch news for outbreaks, and be preemptive by minimizing time in large crowds, frequently washing hands, and supporting your immune system.

Being aware can help reduce the risk you encounter an outbreak, and being prepared can help your body be ready to fight off infection.

Be more prepared for each day by using colloidal silver as daily immune support.

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