Remember To Bring Colloidal Silver This Summer


Summer Hiker LadyColloidal silver is a great tool to keep in your first aid kit, whether that’s just in your linen closet, camping bag, or car tote. Why? Because in addition to daily immune support, silver has a long traditional use as an aide in skin (and especially burn) healing. Plus, you can help keep outdoor pets healthy and happy this summer!

For Cuts, Scrapes and Burns:

Whether it is just helping to keep wounds clean from germs, or does something with the skin, silver has long been used to aid in wound healing, and is still often used in ERs and added to some bandages.

If you’ve got high-quality colloidal silver at home, you can do it, too. Just clean and treat wounds as normal, then spray some colloidal silver and let it dry before adding a bandage.

And burns? Most people go straight to fire/curling iron type burns, but sunburns are more common. I like to use both colloidal silver and aloe vera alternately to speed healing (works really quickly on diaper rashes, too).

In addition to spraying colloidal silver, I always continue to take it as a daily supplement if I have a cut or even just some inflammation. Even an ingrown toenail can take its toll on the immune system if it lasts long enough, plus if the scrape was bad I like to make sure I’m supported inside-and out.

And Pets, Too!

There have been lots of cases of found pups and kittens being brought back to health from mange, sinus infections, and more with the help of colloidal silver.

But it’s a good preventative measure, too, especially for outdoor pets.

Outdoor dogs will play and explore, cats might come into contact with other neighborhood cats, some of whom may be carrying diseases, and if any pet is going to be outside all day, they should have access to clean water.

Keeping immune systems strong (and water bowls a little more fresh) with a tiny amount of colloidal silver is a great way to help pets stay happy and strong during the summer.

And if you have other pets, especially birds, it might help them, too. For really small pets I would just spritz a bit of silver into their water bowl, or add a tiny drop if you have a dropper.

Bird flu is still spreading like wildfire through the US—so if you have a backyard chicken flock,
indoor pet bird, or just love watching them play at baths and feeders, give them immune support so they’re less likely to bring bird flu into your own backyard.

What are your summer silver tips?


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