The more researchers look, the more illnesses they find are being spread by ticks. You might have heard of babesioisis, anaplasmosis, or Lyme Disease. And now there’s heartland virus, bourbon virus, and other new pop-ups that resemble and are related to Lyme Disease.

The mild winter means that more ticks are going to survive until summer, and in some places, they may already be active. That means you have to start being vigilant today.

The best offense is a good defense, or so they say. That means wearing plenty of bug repellant, and keeping your immune system supported for all of life’s ups and downs as well as its surprises. For daily immune support, try colloidal silver. Long sleeves and pants are also better protection, and keep a good distance from wildlife (especially the cute ones).

If you are going to be out in nature, sometimes ticks are just par or the course. In that case, get in the habit of doing a tick check after being outside or periodically. Don’t forget to include your pets, since they can bring ticks indoors.

Know what to look for, since many ticks can be small, and the well-known bull’s-eye rash only appears for some Lyme Disease cases. Symptoms can start months after a tick bite. You’re better off bringing in any ticks you find for testing (be careful using tricks to remove them, but do remove them). Be proactive, if you live somewhere with tick borne illness (over half of US counties have Lyme Disease alone), make sure you bring your risk to your doctor’s attention. In some cases, you may have to find a Lyme Disease specialist.

Don’t be afraid to have fun. A little prevention, and some awareness go a long way. Of all the things to worry about, don’t let Lyme Disease and other tickborne illnesses keep you indoors. If you’re worried, make sure you’re getting extra immune support from colloidal silver.

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