Santa SickEven if Santa isn’t coming to your house, you might find yourself sick this weekend. Whether you have a white Christmas, a green Christmas, a dusty and dry one, or none at all—holiday travelers are spreading germs all over the country. It’s not exactly the gift you were picturing bringing home from the white elephant exchange!

Travel, stress, and cold weather all help to spread germs, weaken your immune system, and get you sick. You might come into it at a gathering, or just working over the next few weeks—most people doing their last minute shopping or meal scrambling are going to be more stressed, and more likely to be sick.

But there’s so much to enjoy! Aside from the holidays there’s big movie releases, sales, city events, and more. Get yourself through it and avoid spreading illness further with a little self-care.

-Rest as much as possible. I’m leading with that, because this time of year that’s the hardest piece to fit in. So schedule some rest, and get everything else done around it.

-Wash your hands—hand washing helps stop the spreading of illness. Not just spreading it to others, but from getting multiple illnesses. Stomach flu is going around pretty virulently as well right now, and there’s no need to double up!

-Squeeze in some healthy eating. Now’s the time of year to enjoy treats—the handed down, too fatty to use regularly recipes come out. The gatherings happen. It’s warm and cozy and a little chocolate tops it off. Just make sure you’re saving room for some leafy greens, some fruit, some lean protein (especially if you’re sick). If you’re feeling a little full, finish off your meal with a daily multivitamin to round out your nutritional needs!

-And kick symptoms to the curve. If you’re sniffling and sneezing, wash out the gunk and germs with a sinus flood. While many do sinus rinses daily, a sinus flood is a little different, and easy to do even if you’re not familiar with a rinse. It soaks, loosens, and washes out the mucus holding you back from enjoying a meal, a movie, or some needed sleep. And it’s easy to do. Our sinus flooding kits come with everything you need, and instructions, too.

-If you’re hacking up a lung, be proactive about it by pairing your favorite immune support (colloidal silver!) with one of our nebulizers. Moisturize, support, and breath easier with a few minutes breathing it in.

-And speaking of immune support, don’t fall behind over the busy holidays. Make sure you’ve got lots of colloidal silver on hand.

Share your plans for the next few weeks in our comments!


MesosilverĀ® Colloidal Silver

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