Should I Take Colloidal Silver After Getting My Flu Shot?


Needle TipIf you haven’t decided on whether to get a flu shot this year, start here.

If you are getting the flu shot, then read on.

First you need to know which type of flu immunization you’re getting. The nasal spray contains the live virus, and is not recommended for anyone with a weakened immune system. It may also leave you contagious for a short while. The injection does not contain a live virus, and there are several types depending on age, etc.

So should you take colloidal silver after getting the flu shot?

I would wait. The short of it is that there’s no research saying that it would interfere or not.

Here’s the long of it:

To get immunity to the flu (or at least the strains in the shot) your immune system has to identify the virus and make antibodies. For someone with a healthy immune system, it takes about a week. For someone with a weakened immune system (a chronic illness, the elderly), about two.

Colloidal silver attacks pathogens, and there’s no research saying if your immune system will still form antibodies after. I probably wouldn’t risk it, just because I wouldn’t want to have gotten the shot for nothing.

Did you get the flu shot?


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