Kitchen ChoppingThere’s a reason people have traditionally used actual silverware, silver plates, and copper pans (besides the fact that they’re classy and copper conducts heat really well): germs die on them.

Modern research has also confirmed that silver and copper are both effective at killing Norovirus and MRSA—two problems that can still plague your kitchen.

MRSA gets in on your meat—and you kitchen is actually far more likely to have it then even your bathroom! (And the second most likely place? It’s actually your washing machine, which does need cleaning periodically). You can protect yourself by following good kitchen hygiene: thoroughly washing surfaces that raw meat touches (soap and a good scrub will do the job fine) and cooking it to a safe temperature.

Norovirus is more likely to get to you through fruits and veggies. Not everyone washes their veggies, but more importantly some people don’t wash their hands before preparing them, and fruits and veggies are often served uncooked. And not washing your hands is just a gateway for Norovirus, which is a nasty, virulent germ to fight. It can survive on many surfaces (not copper or silver, but certainly tile and stainless steel), spreads far and wide, and the only way to clean it is bleach. Plus, you’re still contagious for quite a while after you start feeling better!

You might not be able to afford a silver-plated kitchen, but you can probably afford to support your immune system with colloidal silver. (There’s an appropriate saying: don’t cover the world in leather when you can just cover your feet!).

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