Colloidal silver is a supplement made up of silver nanoparticles and water—there is a long history of silver as immune support, food preservative, skin healer, and more. As modern research has verified its antimicrobial properties, it’s become a hot additive for clothes, paint, catheters, and more. It stops odor in your expensive gym clothes, germs from sticking to your walls, reduces hospital acquired infections and more.

Is it safe? Study after study says yes—especially if it’s true colloidal silver. But it seems beyond belief, so it gets tested more thoroughly (especially as more workers in manufacturing are exposed).

In a study looking at nanosilver and lung tissue, silver was deemed safe. It didn’t harm the integrity of the cells or trigger an immune response (high quantities got a slight response). So breathing it in isn’t harming human tissue.

What about those blue people? You may be familiar with one of the two cases of “silver” supplements turning people blue. Besides the fact that they’re isolated cases, it’s important to note: they made their own untested science experiment (something as basic as accidentally getting contaminated/impure silver before you’ve even begun can doom you), they get going after turning blue because they weren’t getting sick, and there’s a bunch of other missing details.

Pure colloidal silver as tested in labs is reportedly shown to be safe, even when the test is trying to show it isn’t.

Feel confident using colloidal silver products, whether it’s just a pair of gym socks more resistant to odor or a colloidal silver supplement.


MesosilverĀ® Colloidal Silver

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