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With what seems like a neverending flu season and just enough warm weather that pollen is going to be starting soon, sinuses everywhere are going to need extra support. Be ready to clear the gunk out with a Sinus Flooding Kit—and get rid of the deepest, thickest mucus.

Cold, flu, and other viruses can cause congestion leading to trouble breathing, insomnia, and possibly post-nasal drip leading to sore throat and lung infection (like bronchitis). Allergies can cause congestion, too.

And the more build-up there is, the more sinuses become the perfect place for other pathogens to take hold—bacteria, or even fungal infections (a dark, moist place is the perfect breeding ground for a fungal infection).

Whether a sudden bloom has allergies clogging your sinuses or another round of flu is passing through, protect your sinuses. Clear out the gunk so you can breath now, and help prevent a secondary infection in your respiratory system.

What is a sinus flood? You might already be familiar with a sinus rinse, where a neti pot helps blast water through your nose and sinuses. A sinus flood goes deeper than a sinus rinse, reaching both sides of the sinus cavity and soaking around even the thickest mucus. It takes two five minute soaks about an hour apart, and it can help loosen and remove all kinds of mucus.

When doing a sinus flood or rinse, never use tap water, which carries the risk of serious infection. Using purified water (or boiled and cooled) is a safer choice. For sinus rinses you can add a little bit of silver for daily support. With a flood, which is usually done less regularly, you can use just colloidal silver (and a little xylitol for a comfortable pH level) to really drive support deep intonyour sinuses to any and all problem areas.

Wherever you are, whether you’re finally enjoying a little spring or still getting snow flurries, breath deep when you go to sleep at night and be more comfortable at work by clearing out your sinuses with a sinus flood. Make sure you have a Sinus Flooding Kit for everyone in your household.

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