Sinus Infection


You get sick, and you get over it—or almost. After you get better from a cold, the flu, or another virus, you might find a new symptom—that runny nose, congestion, or just sneezing has left behind a sinus infection. Don’t let it fester, evict it with a Sinus Flooding Kit.

Sinus Infection
Sinus pressure can lead to sinus pain.

Pain in your face, persistent thick mucus, discolored mucus, and sinus pressure are mild symptoms of a sinus infection. Left unchecked, it might spread in your sinus cavity causing more pain, more mucus, making breathing more difficult, and raising the risk of another infection  (most likely ear, but if you’re still coughing or choking possibly bronchitis or pneumonia). Or it can just linger, causing pain and congestions for days or weeks.

Clear out the gunk. If you already do regular sinus rinses, add a little immune supporting colloidal silver to your neti pot. If you’ve got a sinus infection, go deeper and clear more with a sinus flood.

A sinus flood gets more than a rinse, reaching both sides of the entire sinus cavity. By soaking and not just rinsing, it’s better able to loosen mucus and help tissue to fight away the infection.

Before bed, before work, or anytime you need relief, a sinus flood offers a longer break from the symptoms of a sinus infection and may even offer faster healing. Clear the pressure and pain by gently removing mucus with a sinus flood.

Most sinus infections are viral, but letting mucus build up can cultivate bacteria, or even fungus. A particularly bad sinus infection might take multiple sinus floods—fungal infections can creat black string like structures that are harder to clear out than just mucus. Since antibiotics don’t work on viral or fungal infections, self care is the only way to get through it, and a sinus flooding kit with colloidal silver can be a useful part of that.

Make sure you have a sinus flooding kit to help you through congestion.

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