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With pollen in the air (allergies!), swimming, and traveling (especially in sealed airplanes) summer is the perfect time to catch sinus infections, or just suffer from a mild sniffle.

Sinus infection symptoms include pain in the sinus cavities (above and under the eyes), as well as sinus pressure, postnasal drip (sometimes causing sore throat), and stuffiness.

One way to relieve sinus infection symptoms (especially post nasal drip that causes a sore throat!) is with sinus rinses. Sinus rinses take only a few minutes and are pretty easy to set up (but especially easy if you have someone to help you!).

Sinus Infection
Sinus pressure can lead to sinus pain.

Using water or colloidal silver (which has antimicrobial properties), add a small amount of xylitol powder (salt can be substituted in a pinch) for sinus rinses. The xylitol is necessary for comfort. (Use a ratio of one teaspoon to one ounce). Warming the solution can also increase comfort during sinus rinses.

Some tips for easier sinus rinses:

  1. Have a friend help pour the solution into your sinuses, especially if you don’t have an eye dropper or irrigator.
  2. An old (to avoid contamination to a new bottle) colloidal silver lid can be used to fill the sinuses.
  3. Your sinus cavity is full when you can taste sweet in the back of your mouth (or salt if you used it intead of xylitol).
  4. Be prepared with tissue for when you’re done with the rinse.
  5. Practice rolling over before starting sinus rinses. Rolling over is necessary to rinse all the sinus cavity, but if you tilt your nose to much you will spill your sinus rinse! (If it’s too hard, get a friend to help you pour it in while your head faces the other direction).

For full directions on sinus, rinses Click Here.

Not sick? Sinus rinses are widely performed by actors (who don’t want to be stuffed up on stage), occasionally by athletes and some health enthusiasts will even tell you that sinus rinses are an essential part of their daily routine!

Why do you do sinus rinses? Any Tips for better sinus rinses?

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