Hand Washing IN SinkThe predicted late flu peak has hit in many places. And with Super Bowl Weekend just passed, there’s a new round of flu that many people are experiencing.

Cold and flu season can last until spring—and with winter storms still dumping snow, I would expect it to this year (don’t think you’re free of it if you live somewhere warm, travel spreads germs fast, as we’re seeing with Zika!).

Also big right now, conjunctivitis (pink eye), Norovirus, and of course, allergies are right around the corner waiting to wreak havoc on your immune system. Zika will likely be here this summer—and while it’s the biggest risk for pregnant women, everybody is at risk for Guillain-Barré. (Guillain-Barré isn’t genetic or contagious, it’s triggered by certain infections, and is strongly associated with Zika. People at higher risk are older or male).

Get yourself in front of all of it with colloidal silver immune support. And remember that hand washing is one of the biggest, strongest things you can do to prevent catching your neighbors cough.

Then take some specific steps:

-At the first sign of any illness, stop. Call in sick, rest, drink lots of water—you’ll get better faster, and you’ll do your part to kick the bug out of whatever circle you caught it from (work, your favorite restaurant, wherever).

-Both pink eye and Norovirus require lots of cleaning. Hand washing, but also laundry and a long list of surfaces. With conjunctivitis, wipe down everything you touch, pens, remotes, everything, until you get better, or it could circle your home or office for a month or more. With Norovirus, same thing, but you need to focus in a wide, wide area (walls, floor, etc.) around anywhere anyone was sick. Basically, double whatever you think is reasonable or you’re leaving behind contagious surfaces.

-Allergies are hard to avoid, but will be easier if you start now. Cleaning filters, clearing out dust, and prepping your yard. Snow means more moisture, and soggy yard debris and mold spores.

-And as far as clearing out your yard, it will also be a big help when Zika hits this summer, by keeping mosquitoes away from your house. Avoid having still water (including unkept pools or dog bowls) and keep it all fresh each day.

Take as many precautions as you can so you have a fun spring, full of enjoying the new-found warmth rather than the bugs still going around, and start those off with some immune support!

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