If you’re starting up a resolution to be more active, a nice side-effect (beyond the common goal of weight loss) is sweating it out, and detoxing some of the things we eat that we shouldn’t or get exposed to in our day to day. But sweating it out often means releasing an odor into your clothes, shoes, and the room at large, too. Whether you’re releasing stress hormones, fat hormones, low-quality food ingredients or are just waiting for your natural chemistry (including the good bacteria on your skin) there are ways to naturally beat the odor, like using Smelly Shoe Spray on your shoes, gym bag, clothes waiting to be washed, and more.

Wanting to naturally beat odor? You don’t have to strip off your own good bacteria or wash your clothes in harsh chemicals. In fact, one strategy for picking odor is changing detergents. Some detergents cheat and leave behind chemicals to mask scent and artificially brighten clothes (to make whites phosfluorescent whites, for example). Try choosing a natural detergent that can strip out not just dirt and odor, but all the chemicals that other brands leave behind. Some will even promise better smelling gym clothes (because you won’t be re-releasing all the old odor).

In the meantime, when you’re not washing your clothes, try Smelly Shoe Spray. For things that can’t be washed, or that dirty gym bag in the back of your car, (or other things like dirty luggage as you travel) Smelly Shoe Spray works to quickly and naturally beat odor. With two components, it first masks odor with peppermint oil, then fights the source of most smells (germs) with colloidal silver.

Air out your gym shoes, keep them fresh with Smelly Shoe Spray, and feel more confident at the gym while taking better care of your stuff.

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Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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