Daisy EyesWhether you have chronic allergies, love summer swimming, or just spend a lot of time outdoors, make sure you take a few minutes each day to protect your eyes.

First, the (hopefully) obvious: put sunglasses on whenever you’re outside. Your eyes can get burned and develop moles (inside!) just like your skin. The risk of it happening when you’re younger is low, but after a few decades you might have some subtle but irreparable damage to contend with when you’re older that affects your quality of life.

If you are worried about past damage, start feeding your body some support against free radicals, like the powerful antioxidants in Longevity Antioxidant Formula.

Next, before you dive in, make sure your contacts are out. (In fact, you’re not even supposed to shower with your contacts in!) Why? Contacts facilitate parasite infections. If that seems unlikely, keep in mind that parasite infections have been going dramatically up the past few years, and are more common in the summer.

Finally, give your eyes some attention. If you have allergies, are hiking/riding through dust, or finding yours eyes often irritated, rinse them.

Flushing eyes with water knocks allergens not just off your eyes but eyelashes and surrounding sensitive skin, and can help slow the inflammation once you’re away from the source (like when you come in on a high pollen day).

It’s a good addition to sinus rinses (and floods). In addition to sweeping away allergens, it rinses away mucus and other debris. Not clearing mucus can lead to infection, and while sinus infections can be common in summer thanks to allergies, conjunctivitis (eye infections) can often happen as a secondary infection or just on their own!

Just like you can use colloidal silver to enhance your sinus rinses, same with eye rinses. (Silver has a history of medical use preventing conjunctivitis in newborns.) If they’re starting to get pink from infection, a spritz of silver a few times over a work day will turn it around (and always follow up longer than you need).

We take advantage of our eyes, and don’t fully appreciate how important they are until they’re uncomfortable, so take action now with a few easy daily steps for comfort all summer long.

What eye problems get you in summer?


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