You’ve got your sunscreen, towel, and the lifeguard’s on duty. But don’t hop in the pool without immune support! Cryptosporidium has tripled over the last few years.

From hundreds of cases per year to thousands, cryptosporidium (crypto) is spreading. It’s hard to kill (it takes 10 days in a properly maintained pool) and is spreading through water sources and even to food.

What is cryptosporidium? A parasite that causes severe diarrhea that can last weeks. You can help prevent the spread of crypto by not swimming when you’re sick with diarrhea, showering before swimming, and properly maintaining your pool (just be sure to be careful as pool chemical related ER visits have also increased). (And try not to swallow any pool water, of course).

People with healthy immune systems get over crypto quickly, but for others it can last a long time and lead to malnutrition and hospitalization.

Stay hydrated when you’re swimming (and whenever you’re outdoors). If you get sick, don’t let it catch you off guard: don’t be a little dehydrated and sun cooked (wear sunscreen because a sunburn is just more pressure on your immune system), eat well, and stay caught up on sleep. Get some extra immune support from colloidal silver each morning. If you want to up the support with a sinus rinse, it only takes a few drops of colloidal silver squirted up one nostril (or do a full sinus flood with a sinus flooding kit).

If you start having symptoms of stomach upset, whether you think it’s coming from the pool or something you ate, keep hydrated. Coconut water or your favorite electrolyte drink, a little bit of colloidal silver, and something bland like crackers or toast. If you start showing signs of severe dehydration (diarrhea that stays severe for days, keeping nothing down for an extended period, no longer urinating) head to a doctor.

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