As the temperatures rise, so does growth of Salmonella, E. coli, and other bacteria that cause food poisoning. While contamination can happen in your own kitchen, it’s not likely to if you follow safe-food prep practices like thoroughly rinsing produce, cleaning a wide area up after handling raw meat, and cooking food to, and keeping it at safe temperatures.

What’s more likely is that food poisoning will come from pre-processed foods. The greatest risk comes from things processed as simply as pre-chopped produce. Right now, there’s a salmonella recall for eggs, and an E. coli recall for chopped romaine lettuce. But before a recall can happen, someone has to report being sick, so make sure you’re prepared with extra immune system support from colloidal silver.

Everyone knows what food poisoning is: sudden stomach upset that can include nausea, cramping, bloating, vomiting, and diarrhea. What most people don’t realize is that food poisoning can come on immediately, a day or two later, or even as long as two weeks later. That can make it hard to pinpoint the source, especially if you eat out a lot or a lot of processed foods. With the current lettuce recall, it took several days, with 7 states affected, to figure out the culprit.

If you experience food poisoning, try and stay hydrated. If you can’t keep water down, try something with electrolytes (coconut water, sports drinks) to help with faster absorption. If you begin to have symptoms of severe dehydration, it’s time for a doctor.

In addition to supporting your immune system with colloidal silver, make sure to support your gut with probiotics. Good gut bacteria have a wide-range of health impacts, but it starts with digestion. A robust colony can fight off or minimize food poisoning from invading pathogens. Use colloidal silver and a good probiotic supplement like Flora MGR against the spring and summer risks of food poisoning.

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