Summer is just around the corner, so whether you’re staying put, traveling domestically or internationally, have a few plans or no plans, make sure you’re ready to go!

Start by kicking that lingering cough or runny nose. This winter was full of illness, and for some parts of the country, colds are still flaring up with the weather. Make sure you’re getting extra immune support to help dry up your respiratory system.

Once winter illness is in the past, continue to keep your eye out. Spring brought in allergies, and congestion can lead to sinus and ear infections. Walking pneumonia and head colds can be common some years during summer, so keep the immune support going (and don’t forget colloidal silver helps support skin health, too!).

While last winter was full of Norovirus, this summer has already seen some recall thanks to surprise heat and the bacteria that thrive in them. Avoid food poisoning this summer by making food safety plans ahead of time (meaning figuring out how to keep picnic food hot or cold, as needed), avoiding pre-cut fruit, and supporting your internal flora to help maintain a strong defense system (try a probiotics supplement like Flora MGR).

Traveling? If you’re staying in the US, watch out for ticks and mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. Lyme disease is in more counties than ever, and Zika, Chik-V, Yellow Fever, Dengue, and other tropical viruses are still around (although the most at-risk populations have gone through outbreaks and developed immunity, a traveler might still be at risk. Those viruses are an even bigger problem abroad, so read up on local diseases and be prepared before traveling. And don’t forget to pack your immune support!

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