With record heat in many areas, there are a number of steps to take to ensure you and your pets stay safe this summer.

Keep it cool—always have water on you, in the car, or even for a short walk. Even a healthy adult can dehydrate quickly during the day. Pets need fresh water too, so keep a bowl inside and outside (and make sure outside pets have somewhere they can go for shelter.) Tip: keep water bowls a little fresher with a drop of colloidal silver.

A baby pool is a great respite for outdoor pets, too. For smaller animals frozen water bottles help them cool off.

Turning red, no longer sweating, and a throbbing headache are signs of heat stroke. Before it gets to that point (especially if you start feeling dizzy, are sweating a lot, or are feeling sick) get inside, and get some water or an electrolyte drink.

It’s healthy to get some sunshine, unless it’s too hot. If you can’t keep your hand on concrete for a count of seven, your pets might burn their paws. Limit time outside for everyone on especially hot days. And wear sunscreen/sunglasses/check the UV index, because both pets and humans can get skin cancer. There are natural sunscreen options available for humans and pets.

If you do get a burn, colloidal silver helps support skin as it heals. Pair with aloe vera and keep skin cool, moist, and clean. Keep drinking lots of water as you heal!

Stay cool and stay safe this summer.


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