Most people are pressured into caring about their teeth for cosmetic reasons. Who doesn’t want a pretty smile? But we’re emphasizing the wrong thing. Dental care impacts our heart health, brain health, and more. Go beyond the basics of care with colloidal silver.

There are multiple ways what’s going on in our mouth impacts the rest of our body. If there’s a lot of plaque, it’s getting swallowed and can contribute to the plaque in our arteries! And depending on what you eat, you might be growing some serious germs (although some bacteria are benign or even good for your stomach, they’re all bad for your mouth).

Then there’s the issue of inflammation. It could be from not taking good care of your gums, or from untreated dental problems—but the rest of your body doesn’t care which. Inflammation is hard on your whole body, draining your immune system and causing damage that can spread.

Research confirms the importance of dental hygiene—studies have even found it may contribute to Alzheimer’s.

So start keeping up with the basics:

-Brush before eating or at least half an hour after eating (or risk eroding enamal by sanding your teeth with food particles).

-Floss or use mouthwash at least once a day.

-Drink lots of water.

-Support gum health and dental hygiene with colloidal silver. If you’re already taking it as daily immune support, all it takes to get more out of it is a few swishes around your mouth before swallowing.

-Get major dental work treated (some countries offer medical tourism cheaper than American copays—flight and hotel included).

Improve your overall health by taking steps to improve your dental hygiene today. It could be as simple as making more use of the colloidal silver you’re already taking.

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