Take Care of Pets This Summer


Dog in Grass with StickThere are a lot of health threats that humans are facing this summer, so let’s take a moment to remember our furry friends, who face many of the same problems as us!

Heat & Sun

Just like us, dogs can sunburn! If you have a cold-weather dog that gets shaved for summer,or just a thin-haired breed, you might need to use sunscreen on your dog, too. Unsure? Google your breed, or ask your vet for advice on when, how much, and what kind of sunblock to use.

In addition to sunburn, hot pavement and other surfaces can burn paws. Try and walk dogs through grass, hose down your patio before sending them out, or pick up some doggy booties.

If your dog stays outside during the day, make sure they have shade and water. Overheating can be all too easy during summer (and whatever the conditions, don’t leave a dog in the car, it’s illegal in more and more places every year).

To keep water fresh, add a drop or two of colloidal silver.

Ticks, Mosquitoes, and Pests

Dogs can get both West Nile and Lyme Disease, and it can be hard to catch, so prevention goes a long, long way. And protecting your pets is an extra layer for protecting you, helping them keep ticks out of the home.

Follow all the same steps: keep lawns short, yards clear of still water, and if you live near an open space, consider a barrier of wood chips, gravel, or similar. Get rid of places that might attract mice and squirrels, which can carry ticks into your yard, right up to your house.

When on walks, it might be harder to keep pets out of tall grass, so remember to do a tick before going inside.

Spreadable Diseases

Cats have a couple of viruses they can catch hanging out with their neighborhood friends. And if you plan on travel, kennel cough and other diseases can cause trouble while you’re gone.

Just like with humans, keep pets immune systems strong all year long with a drop or two of colloidal silver in their water bowl.

If they’re coming with you, use a kennel, a special pet seat belt or other restraint for the safety of everyone in the car (remember that anything not secured becomes a projectile in even a minor accident, from pets to your phone).

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