Knowing what to call your winter illness can help you decide what to do next. Should you stay home? See a doctor? Stick to home remedies? Here’s what’s common during winter, and common ways to care for various illnesses. Grab a thick blanket, turn on your humidifier, and keep your stockpile of colloidal silver handy as winter illness comes in.

The biggest headline every winter is flu. This year, Australia’s bad flu season is indicating a bad winter for the US and UK. While flu is also commonly used to refer to stomach flu, true influenza is a respiratory illness with fever, cough, and aches. A good indication you have the flu and not a cold is that it comes on quick and knocks you out. If you catch flu, stay home, rest, and use some colloidal silver immune support.

Colds are common, can happen year round, but spike in the winter with other viruses. Symptoms (coughing, runny nose) can linger for weeks, this is the winter illness most people will likely just soldier on with. If you have a fever, stay home. Otherwise rest as much as you can, and use hot tea and a sinus flood as support against symptoms excess mucus causes.

Stomach flu, often caused by Norovirus in the winter (which spreads quickly and easily) is often confused for the regular flu that makes headlines. Part of that confusion is that winter stomach flu isn’t like the bacterial food poisoning of summer. It will knock you out just like respiratory flu, but you’ll be racing to the bathroom between bouts of despair. Stay hydrated, get immune support where you can (probiotics help here as much or more than colloidal silver, depending on when you get started) and super clean your house when you’re done.

Illness doesn’t stop with colds, flu, and stomach ills; with secondary illnesses like sinus infections, ear infections, and deeper respiratory infections like bronchitis and pneumonia. The tricky part is those infections are often bacterial, thanks to clogging from mucus. Best is prevention, clear out mucus with a sinus flood, support lungs with a nebulizer, and stay on top of your cold and flu with rest, fluids, and immune support from colloidal silver.

What are your winter tricks to fight illness?


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