Haven’t heard about bird flu in a while? It’s good news. The virus has mutated away from humans… for now, at least. This flu season and last flu season have been bad, but the threat of bird flu hasn’t been a part of it.

The bad news comes in a bunch of small pieces. Bird flu is hanging out in ducks, where 1) it’s  harder to control, and 2) more likely to mutate. It wasn’t predicted, based on how things were going, that bird flu would mutate away from humans. That’s good news, but the surprise nature of it is a cautionary tale about how easily and unpredictably the flu can mutate.

Both H5 and H7 families of flu strains can share genes, and for now that’s taken them away from being concerning for humans, but also means things could change in an instant.

More good news: the world has been preparing, and has more time to continue preparations. Countries have been stockpiling antivirals, and awareness about the flu has been increased since pig flu, and then bird flu appeared.

You can continue to be prepared for bird flu and regular flu. Wash hands frequently. Assume the worst—that flu season will go from September to June. Run a humidifier. And make self-care (like immune system support) a priority.

Maintain habits like prioritizing sleep, planning healthy meals, and maximizing movement (exercise). Support your immune system with colloidal silver (which has a very long shelf life, by the way), and make sure to take extra precautions when traveling (especially by plane).

There’s no worry today and still lots of time to prepare for more virulent mutations of flu, and that’s great news.

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